Access Trust | Annual Reports
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Annual Reports

2014 Annual Report

In 2014 the Access Trust provided bursaries and social support to 114 bursars. At the end of commendable record in the context of more than 3 million young people in South Africa who are not in employment, education or training. . . .Read more here

2013 Annual Report

This year we have been able to provide bursaries to 199 young people, an increase of 65 on last year. The average cost of support to bursars was R 14, 626 per student, still substantially lower than university fees, but unaffordable for many. . .Read more here

2012 Annual Report

In 2012 we provided bursaries to 134 young people, a slight increase on the number from last year. This is a function of the start of a new SSACI project, the establishment of a partnership with the merSETA, and the first tranche in a two-year grant from the Nussbaum Foundation. The average cost of support to bursars was R14,540 per student, still substantially lower than university fees, but unaffordable for many. . . .Read more


2011 Annual Report

During 2011, Peter Barry, a Founding Trustee, resigned because of other commitments and we welcomed Adrian Strydom as a Trustee. Mr Strydom has a deep understanding of the FET and skills development environment, and of the engineering trades, in particular. In addition to changes in board membership, 2012 also saw Executive Trustee, Debby Chuter, take up an opportunity at the University of Cape Town. Debby remains on the board as a Trustee. Susan Schmid, who so ably took on the role of Student Liaison Officer in 2008, has stepped down, returning to her role as an ordinary Trustee. This has enabled the Trust to tighten its governance structures by separating the executive and oversight functions with the appointment of Mrs Lydia Dreyer as Programme Co‚Äźordinator. . . .Read more

2010 Annual Report

During 2010, the Access Trust provided bursaries to 148 young people. Regrettably, this is a drop compared to the number supported last year, and is directly attributable to increasing costs. The fees for courses such as some engineering and hospitality qualifications not subsidised by the DHET are very high, yet graduates of these courses are highly employable, so we continue to support them. . . .Read more

2009 Annual Report

In 2009 the organisation operated under its new name, the Access Trust. The process of changing our name also necessitated a revision of our trust deed. On the advice of attorney Richard Rosenthal, we have proceeded with the process of substituting our trust deed so that it conforms to the new SARS governance and fiduciary requirements. . . .Read more

2008 Annual Report

Eddy has come a long way since leaving school with no hope of studying further, as his family were seasonal farm workers in Rawsonville in the Western Cape, earning a minimum wage. After hearing about our bursary fund, he successfully applied for assistance, going on to complete the N1-N6 certificates in Electrical Engineering. . . .Read more