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Research reports

Access Trust Research Report

The research question was defined as ‘Factors which influence the education progress and performance of Access Trust bursars’.

Individuals are also susceptible to influences from their families of origin with regard to occupational choice and prioritizing work over family, or vice versa (Beauregard, 2007). Diaz (2003) states that there are three elements that can impact on academic performance and they are (a) family causal factors, (b) academic causal factors and (c) personal causal factors.. . .Read more

Access Trust Generic Survey

This survey into funding challenges and potential opportunities in the FET college environment in the Western Cape was commissioned at a time when NSFAS is facing operational and implementation challenges associated with rapid expansion. This survey sought to identify challenges associated with NSFAS for FET learning programmes as well as any gaps in funding opportunities to inform future Access Trust focus. . . .Read more


In 2012 the Access Trust commissioned the Further Education and Training Institute of the University of the Western Cape to conduct research into a project funded by the Swiss-South Africa Cooperation Initiative (SSACI). In terms of the project, students enrolled at FET colleges in engineering programmes that potentially lead to employment are afforded funding, additional training, and job placement support in order to improve their chances of employment. The project provides bursaries and support as well as establishing links with employment opportunities for graduates.. . .Read more